Microcomputer Tesla Ondra SPO 186

obrazek   Personal microcomputer Youth ONDRA was the smallest member of a broad family of microprocessors manufactured in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. It was a microcomputer designed for education and entertainment. Its structure and the involvement of virtually eliminates any use to manage, because it takes place views on TV receivers in the DMA mode when the processor is disconnected and does not. The aim of engineers is that the computer is designed for children, and not to him, companies redeemed for industrial use.

For these reasons, also has been the involvement of microcomputers ONDRA expandable, ie. That the bus was not in microcomputers vyvedena. Is not that the youth to 15 years to such conditions and technical knowledge to produce plates for microcomputers expansion without damaging it. For older youth should be determined by another computer, extendable.

Mikropočítač Tesla Ondra SPO 186

Mikropočítač Tesla Ondra SPO 186

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Learzi | 13. 12. 2007 Čt 22.45 | Počítače | trvalý odkaz | tisk | 810x

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